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Medical Practice Start-Up Consulting in Raleigh County, WV

R-Finity Solutions Handles Medical Consulting Services

Do you need medical practice start-up consulting in Raleigh County, WV? If so, turn to R-Finity Solutions. Our professional and dedicated services, processes, and frameworks inspire a sense of confidence, no matter how complex the situation. R-Finity Solutions identifies issues related to daily operations, medical billing, revenue cycle, marketing, and patient satisfaction. Call us today at (681) 207-5089 for more information.

R-Finity Solutions Provides Comprehensive Services

  • Credentialing and Provider Enrollment
  • Denial Management
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Practice Start-Up Consulting
  • Patient Balance Follow-Up
  • And Much More!

Take Advantage of Our Medical Practice Start-Up Consulting

At R-Finity Solutions, our company consults newly credentialed and established medical providers in starting up new medical practices. Our technicians have the experience to guide you along the way through phases of practice launch and operations. Trust R-Finity Solutions for top-notch medical practice start-up consulting.

Our Company Provides Credentialing and Provider

R-Finity Solutions will investigate your contractors and credentialing files to ensure they are free of potential issues. Our technicians will correctly and accurately credential and enroll medical facilities, groups, and providers. Doing so will allow them to bill and receive reimbursement by health insurance carriers.

Medical Billing and Coding for Raleigh County, WV

Our experience and attention to detail ensure accuracy in claim submission, correct procedure, and diagnosis codes. R-Finity Solutions adheres to a practice policy when following up on claim denials in Raleigh County, WV. Our technicians make sure that all claims submitted to insurance carriers get paid out accordingly.

R-Finity Solutions offer providers strategic and cost-effective solutions to issues related to billable services. These services include:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Pre-certification/Authorization
  • Billing and Coding Errors
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Collection of Healthcare Revenues
  • Appeals

R-Finity Solutions Handles Denial Management

Our trained technicians can investigate denials by identifying trends and performing a root-cause analysis of each case. Denial claims often result in loss of money. R-Finity Solutions works to keep denials at a minimum. If you need help investigating denial management, the only place you need to go is R-Finity Solutions.

Trust Us for Patient Balance Follow-Up

When it comes to handling the balance due from a patient, R-Finity Solutions employs exceptional leadership. Our care will ensure your patients want to come back to you when they need medical attention. The patient often does not understand the balance left over after an insurance company pays its portion. R-Finity Solutions works to explain the benefits in place and why a balance is present. Our technicians also help set up a payment arrangement that works for them to ensure they can begin payments.

Contact R-Finity Solutions today when you need medical practice start-up consulting in Raleigh County, WV.